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Sea Glass Bracelets


Are you looking for the best sea glass bracelets?

sea glass bracelets

Have you ever wished you could stay at the beach forever? That may not be possible, but with sea glass bracelets, at least you can carry a little piece of ocean with you wherever you go. Glass that somehow ends up in the ocean eventually ends up back on shore. This can take decades! During that time, the glass gets rolled around by waves and tumbled along sandy bottoms. Eventually the sharp edges become smooth, and the surface takes on a unique frosted texture. Sea glass bracelets are physical evidence of the gentle yet persistent power of nature.

Our Sea glass bracelets Styles:

At our store, we carry a wide variety of sea glass bracelets that come in many different styles to suit any mood or fashion sense! These sea glass bracelets are a beautiful way to show off the colors and texture of sea glass. The colors and textures vary because every region has their own popular glass bottles, orange bottles my a plentiful in Puerto Rico but not the USA.


Some pieces are smooth and round while others are rough and jagged. This is what makes each piece of sea glass unique and gives them their own story! Whether you're a beach lover or not, there is something special about owning a piece of glass that has been in the ocean for years. It's like a little piece of history. Not only are these sea glass bracelets beautiful but they're also made from recycled glass!

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