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How to take care of your sea glass jewelry?

If you're a die-hard sea glass fan, then you probably also appreciate the value of naturally-occurring sea glass. This type of glass has a certain mystique about it that makes it all the more special. When you find a piece of sea glass on the beach, it's like uncovering a hidden treasure.

A sea glass purist is defined as someone who knows the difference between real and fake sea glass. They appreciate the natural qualities of sea glass and only collect pieces that have been weathered by the ocean.

Here are some reasons you should consider purchasing authentic sea glass jewelry:

-It has value that will only continue to grow as the supply of sea glass decreases

-The unique color and shape of each piece cannot be replicated by artificial means

-It is not mass produced like most other jewelry on the market

-Each piece of sea glass is truly "one of a kind"

-It has a history and story behind it that is intriguing

-It is not altered, reshaped, artificially etched or colorized in any way - each piece is natural and beautiful

-The jewelry is made from sea glass that has been tumbled in the ocean for many years, not in a rock tumbler in someone's garage

When it comes to buying sea glass jewelry, it's important to find a reputable jeweler who is a member of the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA). This way, you can be sure that the jewelry you're buying is made with authentic sea glass. At SilverWhimsies Jewelry, we pledge to only use authentic sea glass in our designs, so you can shop worry-free. Trust your sea glass jeweler!

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